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Global Soft Inc. Global Soft Inc.
Global Soft Inc. Global Soft Inc.
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Global Soft Inc. Global Soft Inc.
Global Soft Tech believes in recruiting highly motivated, well-rounded individuals who can bring fresh ideas to add value to our global team; because our assets are our people. Therefore, we seek individuals with outstanding credentials, a strong record of professional accomplishments, and best-in-class technology skills and place high value on personal qualities such as integrity, resourcefulness, responsibility, tenacity, positive energy, and self-confidence.

Global Soft Tech believes in bringing together the best and brightest talents we can find in the IT industry - people who are passionate about their skills and can bring a diverse background to a dynamic team. If you're looking for a company that aligns itself with the value of individual talent within team collaboration in delivering real business and technology solutions, then Global Soft Tech will be the right company for you!

We're also proud to have one of the best compensation packages in the IT industry. We will provide quality, teamwork and professionalism with every employee & will provide the best package for the right candidate. Global Soft Tech believes training of every employee on regular basis. If you believe in sharing your skills and experience with this professional team, then please e-mail your resume or inquiries to