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Global Soft Inc. Global Soft Inc.
Global Soft Inc. Global Soft Inc.
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Global Soft Inc. Global Soft Inc.
Global Soft Tech has outstanding capabilities to execute projects independently. Our employees are seasoned and experienced in the pre-implementation research and analysis, project feasibility study, package selection, requirements gathering, and implementation and Post Go Live support. We have distinct teams of professionals specializing in SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle Applications, Seibel, Business Intelligence, EAI and Web Services practices. We also have outstanding Technical and Functional Support Teams trained in the state-of-the-art technologies.

Global Soft Tech has become the technology partner of choice with our clients because we leverage our management and technical expertises to create outstanding business solutions and also to assist our clients to derive greater value from their investment in IT. We work with our clients on a joint venture basis sharing resources and benefits. It is a unique business model and our customers are best judges. We assist clients to achieve their strategic and operational goals, because we are continually focused on understanding their business needs.